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Easy DIY Shower Steamers

Shower steamers are a great way to experience aromatherapy benefits while doing something most of us do on the least I hope we are all showering on most days:).

How does a shower steamer work?You place a bath bomb like disc in the floor of your shower where it will get splashed with water(but not in it's direct flow) and then as the water hits the disk it releases scent into the air. I like to scent my shower steamers with essential oils and menthol crystals. The essential oils can create either an uplifting or relaxing experience depending on the oil used and the menthol crystals are great for opening up your chest and nose and creating a spa like experience.

Store bought shower steamers can be on the pricey side and sometimes contain ingredients that you may not want to be exposed to. Luckily shower steamers are pretty easy to make in your own home with just a few ingredients.

Today I am going to share the recipe for one of my favorite shower steamers, which is an Eucalyptus & Peppermint steamer. Perfect for not only leaving you feeling refreshed after your shower but also great for helping with any seasonal sniffles or chest congestion you may be feeling.

For this recipe you will need:

23.5oz Baking Soda - I suggest picking up at your local Sams or Costco to get the best price.

.35oz Isopropyl Alcohol - The link is for a bulk size, if you prefer to buy in a smaller quantity I suggest looking at your local pharmacy or box store.

  1. To begin, measure out your 1.25oz of menthol crystals into a heat safe container and crush into small pieces.

  2. Next, pour over .35oz of Isopropyl alcohol . You want the menthol crystals to completely dissolve in the isopropyl alcohol. You can allow to sit until fully dissolved or if you slightly heat the mixture in a double boiler or in the microwave, they will dissolve much quicker. Set to the side.

  3. Now we are going to prepare our baking soda, arrowroot powder and cream of tartar. Add all three to a large mixing or stand mixer bowl, sifting if there are clumps present. The arrowroot powder and cream of tartar make your shower steamers harder which allows them to last longer in the shower. If you just used baking soda and citric acid, they would dissolve fairly quickly in the shower.

  4. Next add in your peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils and your isopropyl alcohol and menthol crystal mixture(make sure it is fully dissolved before adding).

  5. Now mix with a stand mixer or by hand until fully incorporated.

  6. Once incorporated add in your citric acid and mix again.

  7. Squeeze some of the mixture in your hand and see if it holds together. If so, then you are ready to add your mixture to the moon cake press, if it crumbles apart then you will want to add some additional moisture to the mix. I like to add in witch hazel if needed but you could also use water or isopropyl alcohol. I add my witch hazel with a spray bottle one spritz at a time until the mixture holds together. If you add too much liquid, it will activate the mix, so it's best to add just a little at a time until you get to the right consistency.

  8. Place a small amount of your mixture into the mooncake press and firmly press down into the mold. This ensures any design on the mold comes through crisply and that the top of your shower steamer doesn't crumble. Continue to fill and press into the mold until you have your desired amount in the mold and then press the mold onto a sheet of parchment paper.

  9. Repeat until you have run out of your mixture. If you notice the mix starting to not hold together at any point, just lightly spritz again with witch hazel, water or isopropyl alcohol until it is holding together again.

  10. Allow your shower steamers to harden for 24-48 hours before use or packaging.

Also it is important to note you cannot use a shower steamer as a bath bomb due to the concentration of essential oils in the steamer and the menthol crystals. If you give your shower steamers as gifts, or plan to sell them, you will need to label them with a warning of not being skin safe.

I hope you give making these shower steamers a try. If you do leave a comment on how the recipe worked for you:)

*This post contains affiliate links, meaning when you use my link I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting The Oily Life!

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