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5 Tips For Healthier Skin

I think the apparence of our skin is something that all people, but especially women, worry about no matter what age you are. It's part of how you present yourself to the world and we tend to focus on it's imperfections over it's beauty. Besides the appareance and self esteem factor that goes along with our skin, it also plays a part in our overall health and comfort. For all of these reasons, there are many of us looking for easy ways to keep our skin healthy, without having to use a ton of exopensive products or have an elaborate skin care routine.

Here are 5 easy tips that can drastically improve the look and health of your skin, without breaking the bank.

1.Make Sunscreen Your New BFF - Wearing sunscreen every day is an important step in protecting your skin from UV damage not only in the Summer months but all year long. If you are going to be outside for a prolonged period of time it's also important to remember to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day for continued protection. Typically the best protection and cleaniest ingredients are going to be in a mineral sunscreen though they can be harder to apply than a spray sunscreen. My favorite mineral sunscreen is the Coppertone Pure and Simple Sunscreen. Out of the mineral sunscreens I have tried, it's been the easiest to rub in that I have found without leaving any white cast.

2. Moisturize daily - Your skin gets stripped of moisture not only when you cleanse it, but also from environmental factors. To keep your skin from drying out and becoming damaged, it is a good idea to moisturize daily. This doesn't only include the skin on your face. It's a good idea to apply some sort of lotion to the rest of your skin daily as well to keep it from looking it's best. For my face, I use a moisturizer in the morning and at night I apply castor oil to my face. I wish I had known the importance of taking care of my skin when I was younger but it is better late than never to get started with your skin care. You can even easily DIY your own lotion with minimal ingredients. Just click the link below for 3 easy recipes:

3. Drink Up Butter Cup- We all know we are supposed to be getting our water in every day as it helps keep our bottom up and running and keeps brain fog at bay but it is also a key component in healthy skin. Proper hydration helps with your skin's elasticity and keeps skin healthy and firm. If your like me and prefer your water to be ice cold, I recommend grabbing an insulated tumbler to make getting your water in more enyojable . My favorite tumbler is by Simply Modern. It comes in a ton of different colors and has a handle and lid and fits in most cup holders AND it keeps your water cold for hours so no excuses for not getting your water in:)

4. Run A Humidifier - If your like me and your house tends to be super dry, especially in the fall and winter months, then try running a humidifier. This will help keep your skin(and nasal passages) from drying out. I run a diffuser that is also a humidifier by my bed year round and I have really seen an improvement in my skin and how dry my nose/sinuses get since I started using one. Here is a great affordable option that is both a humidifier and a diffuser so you not only get the extra moisture in the air for skin support but add a few drops of Lavender into the diffuser and get some sleep support while your at it.

5. Eat A Balanced Diet - What you consume has a definite affect on how your skin looks. Many processed foods can cause inflammation not only in your body but in your skin as well. The better you eat, not only is your health going to be better but it's going to be reflected in your skin by it keeping it's youthful look through healthy skin turnover and retaining it's elasticity.

Your skin will thank you for working these 5 simple tips into your daily routine and as a bonus, some of them will even help improve your overall health as well ;)

*This post contains affiliate links, meaning when you use my link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting The Oily Life!

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