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What's In My Essential Oil Tool Kit?

When you are first getting started with essential oils and a more natural lifestyle it can be hard to know exactly what to keep on hand. Now there are way more oils and products out there than will be on this list and I definitely use more than these in my home but this is my essentials list that I try to never be out of.

1. Lavender Essential Oil - This is such a versatile oil that it is a must have in my book. It can be used for sleep support, to calm nerves, soothe minor burns and skin irritations and it just smells amazing.

2. Owie Essential Oil Blend - This one is on my list because it is pre diluted and can be grabbed and used immediately for those “owie” situations on both kids and adults. It is a great blend for wound care support as it contains helichrysum. Helichrysum while a great oil is one of the more expensive essential oils out there so the Owie blend is a way to get the benefits of helichrysum without the price tag.

3. Thieves Essential Oil Blend - This blend works for immune support, respiratory support and all things cleansing. Add a couple drops to a cup of warm water with honey in it to soothe a sore throat or when you are feeling under the weather for an immune support tea.

4. Lemon Essential Oil - Lemon is natures cleaner. I add lemon essential oil to my laundry to help with stains, add it to distilled water with hydrogen peroxide for a quick multi purpose cleaner or use it to get sticker residue or skuff marks off my floors and walls

5. Digize Essential Oil Blend - This blend is a must have for when you or someone in your family has an upset stomach or motion sickness(tummygize is the kids version but works well for adults too and can take the place of Digize). I place this blend in a roller bottle with a carrier oil and roll on my stomach whenever it feels upset or bloated or if I need more immediate relieve add a couple drops to a veggie capsule along with a carrier oil and swallow. You will be amazed at how quickly this works.

6. Veggie Capsules - I always have veggie capsules on hand in case there is an oil, like Digize, that doesn’t taste the best, but has great benefits when taken internally. Side note - Always be sure you are using pure essential oils that are labeled safe for internal use before taking internally. Any of the oils in Young Livings Vitality line are considered safe for internal use and are labeled accordingly.

7. Carrier Oils - Many essential oils need to be diluted prior to using topically as well as it makes for easier application of the oils. A few examples of carrier oils are sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil or olive oil.

8. Roller bottles and spray bottles - Roller bottles and spray bottles make applying essential oils topically a breeze so I always keep a variety of both on hand.

I hope you found this checklist helpful and that you put together your own Essential Oil Tool Kit to use in your own home or take with you when you travel:).

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