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What Are Photosensitive Essential Oils?

Did you know there are some essential oils that are photosensitive, meaning they can cause a reaction when they are exposed to UV light like the sun?

Here is some additional information on photosensitive essential oils:

Photosensitive oils are still great oils to use year round, it is just to best be aware of the possibility of a reaction so that you can take steps to avoid having one. As I mentioned above there is some debate on whether wash off products like soaps or sugar scrubs can cause photosensitivity. Most resources deem that no photosensitivity will occur if used in a wash off product but you will find a few sources quoting that a reaction may still occur. I have never personally found this to be the case though. If you do notice a reaction, rinse the area with cool water & apply a carrier oil to the area as soon as you are able.

Also always be sure to check the label of your essential oils for if they are photosensitive or not. I mentioned some of the popular Young Living essential oils that are photosensitive above but there are a few others that are considered photosensitive. With whatever brand you are using, it should be stated on the label if it is an oil that can cause sensitivity or not.

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