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Making My Spring Fling Cold Process Soap

I am sharing the making of my Spring Fling cold process soap in hopes that it gives you some inspiration to make your own Spring inspired creation be it a soap or something else:)

The recipe and essential oil blend I used for this soap is:

Soap Batter Recipe

Sweet Almond Oil 5%

Castor Oil 5%

Rice Bran Oil 5%

Cocoa Butter 15%

Coconut Oil 30%

Olive Oil 40%

Superfat 5%

Water as % of oils 35%

Essential Oil Blend was found at & consist of:

Peppermint 25%

Eucalyptus 15%

Tea Tree 45%

Lavender 15%

Additional information on what was used in this soap along with useful links can be found in the description box of the video below. I hope you enjoy the making of Spring Fling:)

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