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Making An Activated Charcoal Soap

For my next soap project I knew I wanted to make a soap that would not only be good for using on your body but using on your face as well. I wanted a bar that would be cleansing and moisturizing and would also smell really nice. I landed on what I think is a really fabulous soap that using ingredients that have some really amazing properties for your skin. This cold process soap is made using my standard soap batter recipe, which I have listed below, along with two additional additives, coconut milk and activated charcoal. the coconut milk is very moisturizing while the activated charcoal is great for drawing dirt and impurities out of your pores.

I used an essential oil blend of Rosemary, Grapefruit and Tea Tree, all very cleansing essential oils plus it gives the soap a really bright and fresh aroma.

This recipe I used for this soap is:

Sweet Almond Oil 5%

Castor Oil 5%

Rice Bran Oil 5%

Cocoa Butter 15%

Coconut Oil 30%

Olive Oil 40%

Superfat 5%

Water as % of oils 35%

I used an essential oil blend of 50% Grapefruit, 25% Rosemary, 25% Tea Tree at a usage rate of 3%

I also used 7oz of coconut milk and reduced my water accordingly. I always add sodium lactate to my lye water to help my soaps release from the mold. If you have any issues getting your soaps to release, I highly recommend using sodium lactate.

Watch the video below to see how I made this soap and get some inspiration to make your own activated charcoal soap. If you are new to cold process soap making, please be sure you have done your research on lye usage and safety before you start making soap.

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