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Making A Sandalwood & Orange Cold Process Soap

If you have never tried Sandalwood & Orange together then you have been missing out! Today I am sharing how to make a cold process soap using a Sandalwood Hydrosol and Orange essential oil. I used an in the pot swirl with a mica drop. All of the colors in this soap are more on the earthy side with just a hint of gold. Perfect for Fall in my humble opinion:)

The soap batter recipe I use is as follows:

Sweet Almond Oil 5%

Castor Oil 5%

Rice Bran Oil 5%

Cocoa Butter 15%

Coconut Oil 30%

Olive Oil 40%

Superfat 5%

Water as % of oils 35%

I used Orange essential oil at a 4% usage rate and also used 3.7oz of Sandalwood Hydrosol(so I reduced my water by 3.7oz).

All product links are available in the video's description box. I hope this video provides you some soapy inspiration to make your own Sandalwood & Orange cold process soap.

If you are new to cold process soap making both Brambleberry and Royalty soaps over on Youtube have great video series for beginners. Once you have learned the basics I have several blog post with additional soap recipes along with a YouTube play list you can find here on cold process soap for some additional soapy inspiration:)

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