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Easy DIY Pumpable Lotion Recipe

In the past, I was always intimidated by making my own pumpable lotion. I have been making my own lotion bars and body butters for years but for some reason, in my head, I had decided a liquid lotion was just going to be too complicated for me to do. And you know what? I was completely wrong! Once you know the process, the actual making of the lotion is super simple and something anyone can do right in their own home.

Why make your own lotion you may ask when you can just grab a bottle at your local big box store? Well for one, store bought lotions often times contain ingredients that can actually dry out your skin more or can be skin irritants like fragrance. When you make your own lotion, you are in control of what goes in them. Plus store bought lotions can be expensive and it is much more affordable to whip up a batch for yourself or as gifts for family and friends for a fraction of the retail price.

Things to know before you start making your lotion. Lotion making has three phases. The water phase, Oil phase and Cool down phase and this is also the order you will complete them in. Also know it does take some time from the start of the lotion making to the end. The hands on time is minimal, but you do have to wait quite a bit of time for your lotion to cool between some of the phases so some patience is required(this is the hardest part of the process for me. Waiting is not my strong point).

For This Recipe You Will Need:

Water Phase

18oz Distilled Water

Oil Phase

4oz liquid oil( I used 2oz Sweet Almond Oil & 2oz Hempseed Oil)

Cool Down Phase

Essential Oils of Choice. I used a combination of Bergamot and Cedarwood Essential Oils at a .05 usage rate.

To Make:

  1. You will start with the water phase. Measure out 18oz of distilled water and 2oz of vegetable glycerin into a heat safe container. Take note of the weight of the container after you have placed the water and vegetable glycerin in it. Place in a double boiler and allow to simmer for around 10-15minutes. You will then want to weigh your container again and add in additional distilled water for any that may have evaporated out while you were heating your water phase.

  2. While the water phase is simmering begin preparing the oil phase. Measure out 4oz of liquid oil into a heat safe container. I used 2oz of sweet almond oil and 2 oz of hempseed oil as both are very emollient and moisturizing. If you prefer to use another oil you can. Just be sure to choose a lightweight oil to help keep your lotion pumpable. Once you have measure out your oils, add 4oz of emulsifying wax to lyour container and then heat over a double boiler or in the microwave until fully melted.

  3. Now you will combine your oil and water phase by pouring your water phase into the oil phase and then lightly blending with a stick blender or whisk.

  4. Allow the mixture to cool while you prepare your cool down phase. Add your Optiphen or preservative of choice, .1oz Vitamin E Oil and Essential Oils of choice to a container.

  5. Once your mixture of the water and oil phases has cooled to around 130 degrees, add your cool down phase ingredients to the mixture and stick blend or whisk the mixture to well combined. If you add your cool down ingredients at too high of a temperature the preservative may not be effective and the essential oils could burn off so it is important to monitor the temperature for this phase. Note depending on the preservative or essential oils used it can change what temperature the cool down phase can be added.

  6. Now your lotion can be poured into your pump bottles. Leave the pumps off until the mixture has fully cooled.

This lotion, though thick and creamy, remains loose enough for it to still be pumped. To use, simply pump a small amount of lotion into the palm of your hand and rub into your skin. This lotion absorbs quickly and will leave your skin feeling hydrated and renewed after use.

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