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DIY Facial Toner

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Using a toner is an essential part of your daily skin care routine. Why? You may ask. Toners remove the last bits of dirt and impurities from your skin after you wash it. If a toner is used regularly it can even help with the tightness and overall appearance of your skin. Toner also helps restore the natural pH of your skin after washing it. When your skin's pH is out of wack it can lead to harmful bacteria growth and inflammation so another great reason to use a toner daily.

Now that you know why using a toner is important I am going to share how you can make a natural DIY facial toner for yourself. This recipe takes no time at all to make and you can control the ingredients that go in it so that you know there are no questionable ingredients being added in that could do more harm than good to your skin.

For this recipe you will need a 2oz glass spray bottle, unscented alcohol free witch hazel and 10 drops each lavender and frankincense essential oils and 5 drops each of geranium & patchouli essential oils. Once you have these essential oils you can also use them to make a wide variety of other skin care products among their other uses. Jasmine, Sandalwood & Rose essential oils are also great ones to use in a toner and can be substituted for any of the other oils in this recipe.

Making the toner could not be easier. You simply fill your glass spray bottle 3/4 of the way with witch hazel and then add in your 10 drops of lavender & frankincense essential oils, and your 5 drops of geranium & patchouli essential oils. Top of with distilled water and boom, you have an all natural facial toner that took you under two minutes to make. You will want to shake the toner before each use and then simply spritz onto your face after washing being sure to avoid spraying into your eyes. I use this toner morning and evening and love how refreshed my skin feels after I have sprayed it on. Follow up with a glow serum and or moisturizer to really give your skin the tlc it needs on the daily.

If you make this recipe leave a comment on how you liked it below or tag me on instagram @essentially.tonya

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