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5 Tips To Help Improve Your Mood

You ever have those days where the world just seems to be conspiring against you? Yep I do too:) I use to let those days really drag me down and sometimes those days turned into multiple days of feeling on edge and just negative and grumpy in general until I decided that I have control over how I let things affect me. Now that is not to say that everyday is now rainbows and butterflies but I have found some tips and tricks that have worked to help turn my day around and I want to share those with you in the hopes it can do the same for you.

  1. Get outside- Even if it's just for 10 minutes getting outside and taking a quick walk or even just sitting in the sun can do wonders for your mood.

  2. Reset your day - Make a conscious effort to acknowledge that no things may not be going how you would like them to but that doesn't mean you have to let it control your day. I take a moment to say what is bothering me and how it frustrates me and then I go through a list of anything I have control over to make a change and then I move forward. Sometimes just acknowledging the fact that things aren't perfect is enough to let go of it.

  3. Prioritize taking care of myself - When you let yourself go then your mood tends to be more negative as well. I try to stay in my routine as much as possible when I feel my emotions starting to spiral downward.

  4. Find a healthy distraction - Watch an episode of your favorite show, read a chapter in your book or start a project you have been looking forward to.

  5. Use essential oils - I apply topically or diffuse essential oils to help support my mood. Some of my favorites when I need a pick me up are citrus oils, I use lavender for calming and cedarwood or patchouli when I need to ground myself. There is a ton of research out there on how essential oils can help support your emotions so definitely don't knock it until you try it;). If you are interested in seeing some of the science behind essential oils and your mood, here is a great study to get you started. Below is one of my favorite blends to diffuse on those days where I just need some Good Vibes:

I hope you found these tips helpful and that you are able to use some or all of them the next time you are having a bad day.

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