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5 Benefits of Using Essential Oils

As you consider getting started with essential oils in your home, I wanted to share with you 5 benefits of using essential oils.

  1. Improved mood - Essential Oils can be used to help regulate your emotions leading to an improved mood/outlook. When we breathe in essential oils they travel to the limpic system in our brains. This is the system that helps regulate our emotions and depending on the essential oil you are breathing in, it can affect your emotions in different ways. For instance Orange essential oil is a great oil to diffuse when your spirits need to be uplifted.

  2. Improved sleep quality - Just as essential oils can be used to help regulate your emotions, they can also improve your sleep quality when you diffuse them or apply them topically. Lavender essential oil is a great example of an essential oil that can improve your sleep quality by helping you relax at night.

  3. Safer alternative to candles - Diffusing essential oils is a safer alternative to candles especially if you have children or pets. You can still get your favorite scents without the risk of an open flame as well as the added bonus of not releasing respiratory irritants into the air like happens each time you light a candle.

  4. Lower toxicity in your home - As you begin to use essential oils in place of products that have artificial fragrances in them, you will begin to notice the benefits of there being lower toxicity in your home. Less headaches & respiratory issues, better skin health and improved wellness for you and your family just to name a few of the benefits you will see.

  5. Boost your immune system - There are several essential oils that have properties that boost the immune system. The healthier your immune system is, the better your body can fight off disease and infections. Studies have shown that oils like clove, lemon, oregano and countless others can have a positive impact on your immune system.

If you would like to learn more about essential oils, I have a free online Essential Oils course that covers what essential oils are, the different ways you can use essential oils and some more on the benefits of essential oils. This video course will take you approximately 30 minutes to watch and once you've signed up for the course you always have access to go back and watch it again. To register for this free course, click here .

For those of you interested in purchasing essential oils, Young Living is the brand I recommend for high quality, pure essential oils backed by the seed to seal guarantee. You can shop Young Living essential oils here and if you do sign up through my link I also send you out a welcome gift, some great resources to help you get started and you get access to my team Facebook group where we share more great resources on essential oils and clean living and have just the most awesome, supportive community.

*This post contains affiliate links meaning when you order through my link I earn a small commission on your purchase at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting The Oily Life blog!

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